Ginny B. guest post

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration

Different people find different sources of inspiration. The same might be true for writers but the one thing that is true for all scribes is we all love great books. What better way to create a great work area that inspires us than to surround ourselves with some of our favorite books? When we are lost for words or need that extra push we can simply turn our heads, look on our book shelves and aspire to greatness.

While writers can be inspired by words, there are other creative works that can give us motivation. I am inspired by abstract pieces of art work. There is just something about color, shape, shades, tone and the story that is going on with paint that stimulates my thoughts and assists me to write my own story. Maybe all writers should get pieces of art works that make them think and help them to find form out of the intangible swirl that can be an author’s head.

But for something more tangible, writers who have won any awards or received a special letter, can frame them and placed them on their walls. In the times when writers are not feeling so motivated, the awards can be a reminder of past achievements and future possibilities. The awards on the wall can also remind us of the work that we have put in before and prompt us to see that we have to write to become inspired and not visa versa.

Personally, I like complete silence when I am writing but I know that other writers like a little music in the background. Whatever works! I can understand how a little Beethoven or Bach as the backdrop to a masterpiece can work. These musicians were masters themselves who made inspiring music. Music has that power to touch us and to make us reach for things far greater than ourselves. Ambiance is important to any occasion and writing is no different.

One of the things that give a room personality is the color of the walls. Some of us are conservative and others are a little more liberal. For those who are more of the latter, a color other than white or off white might be very stimulating. A nice earth tone can serve as a centre and a reconnecting force in the pursuits of writing the best piece of work that we possibly can.

In the end, we need to be comfortable when writing. An inspirational work area should have a comfortable chair, a sturdy, spacious desk and of course an up to date computer. Perhaps these are the most important things because nothing robs us of motivation and distract us from the job of writing than being ill equipped. Writers write and we need only some basic tools to get this done. Everything else is accessories. So in the final analysis, and with all the trimmings, maybe inspiration really comes down to simple things.