The Book Stacks guest post

The Benefits of Using Journals

Throughout history people have been journaling and there is a reason for this constant mode of recording. There are many benefits of keeping a journal.

A Journal can have therapeutic benefits. This is because it is a tool that helps to heal the mental and the spiritual, thus connecting us with our inner selves. In writing down our thoughts and feelings, we release them from us. Now we can look at what we have written down on paper and make some analysis about what actions to take.

In addition to the therapy that journaling provides, it can bring insight and clarity. When things become clearer to us, we discover things about ourselves that may be residing in our subconscious. Putting our thoughts on paper take it from our minds and changes the way we see things. In our minds, the way we make decisions can be subjective. Written down on paper, we can distance ourselves from our words and look objectively at them.

Because we can use our journals to see things from an objective position, we can use it to change our thought process to more positive ones. When positive thoughts are written down, we can see them and we can consciously live them out. Every negative thought that we have can be overridden by a positive one that we will write. It is like practicing optimism.

It’s possible that we want to keep positive about our goals and our dreams. Our journals can help us to keep them at the forefront of our minds and help us to see how we are going to achieve them. One of the benefits in this instance is that we can analyze our progress and see if we are on track. This analyzing of the path to achieving our goals can assist us in gaining more ideas and building on these ideas. With our journals we are not only analyzing but reanalyzing what works and what doesn’t work for us.

Sometimes what is working against us is our fears or some mental obstacle. Our journals can help us to tackle these challenges too. The act of writing can shape our thoughts but it can also bring into sharp focus the origins of the obstacle. If we know the root of the matter then we can identify solutions and then the mental shift can begin.

Mental shifts call for focus and sometimes the very act of writing things in our journals will help that thing to stay in our minds. So in effect, another benefit of keeping a journal is that it aids memory. However, while good memory is valuable, a calculated effort to reflect on what is written in our journals is also necessary. When we reflect, we can note how our views have changed on issues, we can measure progress over time, but most importantly, we can see the disposition of our minds and take even more effective action if necessary.