Reader Reviews

“This book is a must read..” —Lisa Arnold

“Refreshing and different from anything I have read in a long time” —Christopher Smith

“Simple story with deep roots” —Wilton Beckford

“Who knew that a journal could be so provocative and entertaining?” —Thanise Cann

“Journal according to John provides fascinating insight into the male mind.” —RQ

“I was both exasperated and sympathetic with John.” —Nigel Carter

“The toxic relationship between John and his mother is captured beautifully and heart wrenchingly.” —Lamar Francis

“The portrayal of John’s mother is off the wall in a good way.” —Colleen Daley

“Keen has the unique talent of giving the reader humour even while portraying pain.” —Leonard Walker

“I loved the vibrant imagery which made the story that more interesting.” —Everol Powell

“A great novel about a fractured man who seeks to repair himself.” —Fiona Morris

“A beautiful novel about an incomprehensible woman and her assimilated son.” —Trey Clarke

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