The generation gap

I spent a day with youth and age
And found they had much in common
Expect to give constant attention
Count on receiving the same.

Large dose of honesty is never rare
They say all things without a care
Do not be injured, do not spurn
The words they say were not meant to burn.

Innocence has not yet learnt tact
Has not developed thoughts to hold them back
Age has lived a lengthy life
And can think of no reason to spare an opinion.

The one who’s green needs much assistance
Until the ripe stage of maturity
The full growth is also in need of guardianship
Once a man and twice a child.

Some insightful ideas will be discovered
Naiveté makes everything fresh and new
Spinning prudence never thought of into view
Experience found in the prime of life teaches wisdom.

Age reminisces and sees itself in youth
Youth looks ahead hoping that age is a mirror of the future
Generations apart but no difference between the two
One commencing the cycle, the other ending it.

I spent a day with youth and age
And had a huge slice of life.