Which Woman?

The picture shows Mary with the baby
Cradled gently in her arms
Ever the nurturing mother
Bringing innocence into a world of sin.

The picture shows Eve with the bright shiny apple
Holding it temptingly in her hands
Ever the mother of deceit
Bringing sin into a world that was created pure.

The picture forms a whole, melts into each other
A son becoming the king of the world
A son slaying his brother, he is not his brother’s keeper
Eve’s seed making more sin, Mary’s son nailed to cleanse this.

Chosen for purity, her image remains the same
Made with ribs for man’s company, her image is still the same
Serpent in a pure garden, purity in a stable
One a temptress and one chaste, two powerful images.

Far apart yet near, contrasting yet comparable
The wise men traveled by the bright star to see a miracle
Light on the barn!
The voice came from heaven, but they were hiding
Darkness in the gardens!

So the one who brought real light in the world was blessed
Esteemed on her very own pedestal
The one who brought darkness, was punished with ostracism
Given the first dose of toil and hardship that all else would face.

Today the images still stare at us, darkness or light
Both exciting places, barn and garden
Frankincense, gold or myrrh and three mystical men
But knowledge is power.
Two women but which one?