Conquering Self Doubt

Everybody experiences self doubt about one thing or another at some point in their lives. For creative people, self doubt is always lurking around somewhere, waiting to pounce at a moment’s weakness.

As artists, we ask ourselves, is our work good enough, will people like it, do our work represent our best selves, is our work improving? These are not necessarily bad questions. We need to take stock ever so often. However, if we allow these questions to seep into our souls and undermine our progress or actions, and cripple us, then self doubt is taking over.

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What I along with other artists need to remember is that art is subjective. As good as the work may be, not everyone is going to like or appreciate it. Also, we are all worthy, so we just need to step into who we are and stop doubting ourselves. No one is worthier than you.

Do not change what you do because a certain kind of art is selling. Your art is worthy and needs to be seen. Be true to you. Know that self doubt is natural especially in a creative environment where there will be varying views on what you do.

We should not allow doubt to conquer us. We should be the conquerors of doubt. How do we do this? We replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. We call upon past successes to remind ourselves that we are stars or at the very least, we have accomplished some good things. We should remember that our talents are divine gifts. It’s our right and responsibility to bring what we have to the world. In an uncertain world, the one person you want to be sure of is yourself.

Now go conquer!

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