How I Explain My Art

I usually explain my artworks to interested people by telling them my thoughts and intentions when I was creating the pieces. I tend not to definitively state that this is what it is because I want room for other views. My works for the most part have been described as contemplative and interpretive. In light of this, the work is really left up to the viewer’s interpretation and that is how I like it.

Acylics on Canvas


I have been to art shows where viewers have given me other interpretations of the work and they are never wrong. These different, insightful views also make the work more interesting to me as the creator and of course make the viewing process more interactive.

My intention in creating shattered, the piece shown above, was to show someone who is going through something painful. This person is feeling shattered which is depicted by the broken, fragmented shards. The partially shown face is what we all want to do when we feel pain, we want to hide.

An equally insightful view is that there is a person who is being impeded by a figurative wall but is now able to slowly shatter that wall. And so the face is now slowly coming to light. Is there an incorrect view here? No! So this is the reason I explain my work the way I do. I give my interpretations and my intentions because I am aware that there are other views.

I get excited to present my works to others because I want to hear their take. I want the experience of viewing my own work in another light and I want the viewers to enjoy the work by talking freely about it. Viewers should feel free to express themselves and I feel that if I say this is what it is, they will feel intimidated to say their piece, because the artist’s view is all. The artist’s view is not all.

Artworks present the opportunity for an interactive experience in which everybody participates.


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