Lost at Running Brook Trail

Kimberly, Elaine, Susan, and Miriam are no strangers to the principal’s office at Anne Beaumont Private High, where the administrators strongly believe in bending the tree before it becomes too old. Guilty of one too many infractions throughout the school year, the four teenagers are sent, along with other wayward souls, to a wilderness camp in Alberta, Canada.

After a two-day bus ride and a sleepless night, the girls leave the Running Brook Mountain campground to embark on their first day of hiking. But it is not long before they break the most important rule—stay with the group. Now lost, alone, and unprepared for the dangers that lurk within the woods, the girls soon discover every new and terrifying experience brings them face-to-face with their limitations. As they are forced to do whatever it takes to survive, friction builds among the teenagers as they forage for food, sleep in a cave, and fight off a bear. Now the girls only have one choice—to change their ways or die.

In this tale of adventure, endurance, and self-discovery, four teenagers put their survival skills to the test as they come to terms with their fears and tenaciously fight to keep the lives they once took for granted.

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