Buried in the deep recesses of my mind are a thousand butterflies
Some flitter around in my head but never really fly
Others spring up with wild abandon and then die
Never finding the anchor to form any strong ties.

Some stay deeply buried, sinking down in abysmal shadows of doubt
But many gain wings rising to the forefront
Ones darting from membrane to fruition, not just another count
Forming the caterpillar that finds its own route.

And as they flutter around in my head I see them in all their colours
The yellows of hope send off rays shining in all their splendour
The blue hues ushering in peace and signaling composure
The dangerous reds want to give the frenzied ones exposure.

Multi-coloureds may be more complex, proving the hardest to process
But in the end they flourish as they can withstand the test
So many angles to choose from, one may surpass the rest
Providing the opportunity to discriminate, choosing nothing but the best

So I allow them all to flutter, not wanting to suffocate any
Because assertive action may be forged from so many
Not all caterpillars were born to fly
But all deserve the chance to try.