Green spring blossoms and capers into lush growth
The summer walks in stretching hot fingers into drought
Autumn falls in beauty, a kaleidoscope of colours on trees
Until it decides that all leaves must exile themselves from above
And paint the earth below in magnificent splashes of brilliance.

Autumn cedes itself to a waiting winter that has cold hands
That prepares itself to seize the splashes of colour that tinges the ground
Until spring saunters in and reclaims the earth again
Constant shifts in seasons, in time.

Wood burning bright, flames flickering high extending fiery fingers
To engulf and to sear all it touches, all that comes in its path
But how long can one fire last?
Soon the ash and the embers will be the only remains
Signaling the inferno that once was.

And so the storm will rage, leaving in its path evidence of its wrath
But the calm comes and with it the recuperating vigor
That will restore even the most insolvable plunder
And peace like a stream will flow.

Constant shifts, nothing remains the same
Diversity abides, and is the essence of life.