Ship of fools

I captain the ship
Because you let me steer
To sink or sail you do not care
Our destination is under my control.

Easterly or Northerly-bound
Losing or gaining ground
It is always my choice
You would rather roll the dice.

I could steer towards the rocks
I could choose to anchor at any dock
I could let the vessel drift
Just floating with the tide
I could raise the sails
Pull in the slack to keep us both on track.

Sometimes I become tired of navigating
Always steering, anchoring, travelling uncharted waters
Reading the wind, checking the compass, reviewing the map
If I take a break and go below, where would this ship go?

I would like to know that if I sleep
The operation of the vessel you will keep
I shouldn’t have to worry about bailing out
A ship that was taken off its route

You may take the wheel for a while it is not that hard
We just need to confirm where we both want to go
If we run into bad weather, we will face the storm together
Just help me steer and we will get there.