Imagine a world without crime
A place where no one cared about time
All nuclear bombing, all ammunition ceased
Dreaming no more of world peace.

Racism and hate replaced with love
Peace not only a concept shown by a dove
All religions become one
Knowledge that the supreme had no plan
To split her people into different clans.

All nations would unite
Giving up the endless fight
To be the one with all the might
Knowledge that the cold war
Can only bequeath some ugly scars.

Imagine a world where basic needs are met
Maslow’s hierarchy not impressive yet
No one wants for sustenance
Garment and shelter can be had in abundance.
Tutelage does not happen by chance.

Picture air free of pollution
Mankind breathing and walking purification
The ozone layer kept at its rightful place
Not worrying about the sun abutting the face.

If we met all these criteria
Wouldn’t present life be utopia?