Preparing for an Art Show on a Deadline

There are times when I receive an opportunity that is so good that I cannot pass it up. However, this opportunity may be on a tight deadline. There are a few things I do to help myself in this situation.

Firstly, I choose a theme that I build my works around. Building a theme for an art show is like writing a story. Each work is like a paragraph that expands and fleshes out the topic. Having a theme gives me focus – a train of thought that zeroes in on a very specific path.

Know the size of the space. This will determine the number of pieces and sizes of works I’ll create. I’ll also go to see the space if I can.

Stay focused. It’s easy to get off track so I stay on course especially with the theme. I eliminate distractions and temptations that will take me away from my work. Just surfing the internet is a big distraction.

I make a list of each work that I have completed so I can see my progress and check what I have done against my target dates. This will let me know how much harder or faster I need to work. This list helps keep me motivated.

Breaks are my best friends. I take lots of them to rejuvenate myself physically and mentally.

The audience is very important, so I am mindful of their needs. I wouldn’t take my paintings to a show where they were expecting pop art. Another way to be mindful of the audience is to know my pieces so that I can have great discussions with viewers at the opening of the show.

At the end of the creation process, I take stock. Is the theme together and well thought out? Do I have enough pieces? Do I know the pieces? Am I ready?

What are some of the things that you do to meet deadlines and stay focused?

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